An innovative, creative and… awarded mobile website

A few days ago, our new mobile website was updated to its latest version :


To continue the work we began last year launching the new Agency website, we wanted to do a little bit more. That’s why MBA has decided to create his own web application for mobile.

  • Using the latest innovations and technologies about Web ;
  • Designing  a “native application like” website to enhance user experience ;
  • Accessible to the most of mobile users.


The mobile website is based upon the well known “JQuery Mobile” javascript framework and is entirely developed with HTML5/CSS3. Thus, it includes the latest innovations in terms of graphical style and presentation semantics (CSS3), a lot of high-level and cross-browser compatible new functionalities brought by HTML5. Besides, thanks to JQuery Mobile,  it provides a better user-experience, very close to the one you will be able to have using a native mobile application (IOS, Android…) on your phone.

Responsive design is also used in order to adapt the website content and display to fit the multiple kind of mobile screens (Size, resolution…) on the market. Both JQuery Mobile and CSS3 are used to do that, detecting the various types of mobile devices (Mobiles, tablets…) and then displaying the most appropriate content to the user (Media queries). 


Here is the list of the main functionalities provided by the MBA Mobile website :

  • User can choose between two themes, black or white (Using the black theme saves about 30% of the battery) ;
  • You are able to save your settings (Like in a native application) ;
  • Offline mode navigation is possible (Using the browser’s cache to access the site offline or with a low-speed connection) ;
  • Hardware interaction is possible if supported by the mobile device (Accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope…) ;
  • MBA’s own CMS “Publishare” is linked to the mobile website to manage dynamically its content (as for the desktop and smart TV versions of the agency’s website).

 Last but not least, MBA’s mobile website offers now a new way for our clients to access their data as it provides a direct private access to the agency extranet.

Once again MBA innovates, providing a new way to access the agency Website for mobile users and focusing on accessibility, ergonomics, usability and UI design.


This innovation has been recently awarded by The FWA (Favorite Website Awards). Indeed, our Website won the prize of Mobile site Of The Day for April, 7th (which is also the agency’s 15th anniversary date!).


Discover the website :


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