CES 2013 – Las vegas

This January, we were glad to take part in the “CES 2013 Mission”, both organized by Bretagne Commerce International (Région Bretagne) and Xavier Dalloz / Bernard Neumeister. A week in Las Vegas to discover all new hightech trends from all around the world… Awesome !

CES? What the heck?

The CES is simply the world greatest hightech and innovation congress! The Consumer Electronic Show takes place during an entire week in Las Vegas. More than 20 000 innovations have been presented by 3250 exhibitors to at least 150 000 visitors. It was then difficult to see everything,… but Régis Le Guennec (MBA Multimedia’s CEO) was there to see and feel the latest IT trends. Here is a short summary of this journey:

The trend for this year, apart from UHD tv (Ultra High Definition) and smart cars, was without any hesitation connected objects: Medical sensors (weight, heart rate), smart fork of the French company “SlowControl” (Including lots of sensors and which can tell you if you eat too fast) or the smart watch of Italians from “I’m watch” (Which allows you to phone, listen to music or check your mailbox…). A lot of audio accessories were also presented like Bluetooth speakers, wireless audio headsets and a new concept of headset without earphone and using our cranium to transmit sound. Another interesting thing was a helicopter game guided by brain through a new king of helmet sensor.

There was also a lot of « useless » gadgets – depending on everyone’s point of view – like the “Dual View” technology, which aims to display on the same screen two different programs, or to play with someone on a unique screen, thanks to 3D polarized glasses. Parrot was presenting its latest AR drone connected to a smartphone or a tablet, and its latest gadget, the “Flower Power”, a intelligent sensor to monitor plants and flowers needs in real time.

Some exhibitors like Markerbot or Cube were presenting a technology which should be revolutionary for the industry: 3D printing. Principle is quite easy: A plastic coil (also exists with food, steal and even human tissue…) is slowly deversed on a 3 axes moving panel. With a lot of patience, complex objects are created (shapes, colors…) after a couple of hours. You can even print yor own electric guitar!

More seriously, the Venetian Hotel, on the famous “Las Vegas strip” was a place dedicated to start-ups called “Eureka”. A Russian company called “Displair” was presenting here an incredible multi-touch vapor screen… Resolution is for the moment quite limited but the global effect is great. Other companies were presenting various innovations like intelligent clothes, security robots for home or the army, car sensors, smart ink…

Have a look on our field reporter’s video :

> > A CES pictures selection on  Picasa or on the MBA Multimedia’s Facebook page

> A Regis Le Guennec interview (FR) at the end (from min. 46 to the end) of the « My Generation » radio show on Radio Prun’


Régis Le Guennec

Régis Le Guennec

Directeur et fondateur de l'agence MBA.