Si tous les ports du monde in Denmark

For the 3rd consecutive year, we participated in the general meeting of the network Si tous les ports du monde. This year, thanks to the Danish Presidency, we were invited to Sonderborg for this event.

After a private direct flight from Rennes, the delegation landed on Denmark late in the morning. The timing was very tight. Indeed, we had to comply with the program set within 2 days.

The major economic player in Sonderborg is the DANFOS group…That’s the reason why we assisted to the group presentation and had a feedback on the RSE (member of the international pact). We then discovered Danfos Universe and the birthplace of the founder Mads Clausen: a traditional farm where he built his first valve.
The end of the day was dedicated to a guided tour of the Sonderborg’s museum castle, organised by the director Peter Dragsbo, a presentation of the new members and a private concert by Claudia Sanson(young talent violin).

The next morning was consacred to workshops in the mansion where we were staying… our objective: to facilitate the “Communication & the Internet” group. Then, general meeting of the network and change of Presidency: Spain, via Cadix, took over the lead. Picnic in the Augustiana park (art & sculptures), dance performance & visit of a japanese exposition.
Finsh at a run to reach in time the University city (presentation of the environmental project “Big Zero” by Peter Rathje & development of future port.

Just the time to refresh and we took the bus to Germany for a concert of the symphony orchestra in the city of Flensbourg. What a busy day!

After a good night (even if the day gets up at 4 am), we were back to Rennes on Saturday noon.

To well finish the stay: landing at Rennes in the cockpit with the pilots. A real experience.

To see the photo album of the stay

Régis Le Guennec

Régis Le Guennec

Directeur et fondateur de l'agence MBA.

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